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Tiffini Mayol (Brand Overhaul)

Last year, I worked with my friend Tiffini to help create a brand for her. This included things like a logo, headshots, and a working website for her to advertise herself. A lot of things have changed in this past year and one of those things to change is my overall skills in design, branding, and photography. So when Tiffini brought up the idea of a slight update to her brand, and website, I was more than excited to do it. I was really impressed with how I did everything so I wanted to be able to document the changes I made in her brand. There were three parts to this overhaul and each one came with new ideas.


Draft From Previous Brand

Starting with the brand, we wanted to make it something that was more Tiffini. For her, she wanted something that started off happy and fun, but the deeper you dug, you found hints of darkness. This would match her writing style. Originally we had a simple color palette consisting of blues. For our new one, we wanted to create 2 complementing color pallets that work together around one central color, blue. So we found a mild blue tone, then found a lighter version and a darker version. We then created palettes based on those two versions a blue, and then used the mild blue to bridge them together. The blues are what came out for the logo design but don't forget about the pallets because we used those later!

New Logo


The next part of the rebrand came with new headshots. A lot has changed in my photography skills and I wanted to make everything fresh. So, we went to a park and retook the headshots. I wanted the headshots to feel much more natural and complement Tiffini's look much better. I also wanted to keep the pictures looking much more natural instead of posed. The photo on the left was the best shot from my first photoshoot, the photo on the right is my best shot from the new one. I feel like the growth is pretty notable.

Web Design

The last part was the website redesign. However that break down will be in a separate blog post due to the amount of depth that went into it. To keep updated with the ongoings of myself, be sure to like my page on Facebook and follow me on Instagram!

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