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2017 Content Wrap Up

With 2017 now a typo I make on documents when I put the date, I had a few things I wanted to finish up with in order to make sure that I could start 2018 with fresh new content made from this year. With that in mind; below are a few differnt projects I have now finished; expect them to be on my portfolio page pretty soon! Hope you enjoy them!


Takumi and Camilla: Holiday Matsuri Photoshoot

So my amazing friends Stacy Rae, and Regan/Destiny Bond did a paired cosplay at Holiday Matsuri. For those wondering, Holiday Matsuri encourages cosplayers to add a Christmas flare to their cosplays. This was my first time doing a paired cosplay so it was tricky at first trying to make sure two people were being positioned correctly, but I think I did pretty good with it!


Dancer Lance: Holiday Matsuri Photoshoot

Another friend of mine, Toto Cosplay did a Voltron cosplay but with a twist. Rather than doing a regular Lance McClain, she did a dancer Lance cosplay. In order to get her in the zone of being a dorky flirt who tries to be a cool suave guy, we talked about pretending to be Justin Bieber. The results were really funny and turned out great!


Holiday Matsuri: Cosplay Spotlights

While I did do some photoshoots at the convention, I also was able to spotlight some awesome cosplayers that I typically wouldn't get a chance to photograph. While the lighting in some of these varies, I am really happy that I was able to capture their skills.

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