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Destiny Bond Cosplayer Interview

As a way to celebrate the photoshoot I did with Destiny Bond, I decided that I want to learn more about her cosplay experience. So, I decided to interview her.

What is your name?

My name is Regan, but I go by Destiny Bond

How did you get that name?

Originally it was Desu Cosplay which I got named after my first cosplay, Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden, and every time she would finish a sentence she would say “Desu” so I picked that up because at cons people would only remember her for that, and so they would call her Des. As I got older I realized that I really liked things that were purple, ghost type Pokémon are purple, I cosplay a lot of purple people and with ghost type Pokémon being my favorite I became Destiny Bond, which is a ghost type move.

How long have you been doing cosplay?

I have been doing cosplay for 8 years now.

What got you into do cosplay?

Google images got me into cosplay, I think I was looking up vocaloid songs and I found a Len cosplayer and I thought that was really cool so I looked up more and thought wow, I could do that. So I started to and now I can’t stop.

What was the process of doing your first cosplay?

I bought Suiseiseki, I cheated, I didn’t know how to sew anything and I had to reason with my mom to buy it because I worked my first con. I bought my wig and I was really excited and everyone thought I was Hungary from Hetalia. I was cool with it though because I was having fun. I tried to learn makeup to do it, but 8 years ago, I was not that good at it.

What is the process of you doing cosplay now?

Oh boy, I like picking characters that I care about so if I play a game and choose to cosplay the boobie lady, it’s because I like the boobie lady and not because she’s the boobie lady and I have boobs. For example, my favorite Fire Emblem character is Tharja, so I really wanted to cosplay her so I decided to do that. The first thing I buy is usually the wig because it’s cheaper than the rest of it and I’m stingy. I like having things at least a month before the con. But that usually doesn’t happen to me because I tend to procrastinate, but I try. I then style my wig. Usually if I can buy things for the cosplay I try however lately I’ve been making more of my own stuff. I try doing the hardest stuff first. So with Tharja her armor pieces were the hardest so I bought Worbla and foam. I then went and got the fabric which I actually had my friend Stacy sew for me. I then just cranked it out for two weeks I made everything that went with it. I then try everything on the day of the con. Then I try to do the makeup. Now most people will do makeup tests but I don’t think I test most of my characters because I don’t finish things fast enough to do that, and things normally work out still. If I don’t like it then I will wear the cosplay again another time and try to get it perfect. The only time I really test things is when I sew it myself and I cross my fingers that it fits. At the end of the day I’ll flop on my bed because cosplay is painful and hard but I love it and it’s worth it.

What would you consider your cosplay specialty?

My specialty would be wigs. I used to be terrified of touching wigs until about two years ago. Whenever I would try to detangle them, I was never slow enough and so I would end up making Stacy do everything because I was scared. But then one day I just decided I was going to do it so I did Hiroko Hagakure from Danganronpa and she doesn’t require much styling but she does have an ahoge. So I tried to do it and they turned out well. So I asked Stacy for all of her wigs because I wanted to style them. Stacy liked how they turned out so I just kept learning. And now I do commission work. I love making armor but I wouldn’t say I’ve perfected it.

What is the best cosplay you have ever done?

Photo Credit to  Kay Inoue Photography

Probably Tharja because she’s got a lot of qualities that I like. Her hair isn’t so long that you have to give it constant attention but isn’t so short that there isn’t much to look at. And for the styling I had to cut the bangs and had to put her hair up in pig tails and cut it shorter than when I got it. I love her color scheme too. There is so much to it, like

sewing and armor and she was a character that I was really excited to do. She has a magic tome and I made it from complete scratch. I bought the paper and bound the whole thing and I put a cover on it. Even though it was rushed, I would go back and do it all over again because she has a lot that went into her even though she doesn’t wear much.

What are you working on right now?

The only big thing I’m working on is currently a secret but it’s from Overwatch so stay tuned. Right now, I’m not sure how much work I’m going to have to do because both are from Danganronpa. I have already made my Peko cosplay but everything else I’ll probably buy. Colors are a big deal to me and if I don’t like the way a color looks, or the way it might lay, I’ll sit down and make it myself and it’s cheaper.

What convention are you hoping to be next?

Probably Animie Boston and if not that then definitely ConnetiCon!

To check out Destiny Bond, check out her Instagram and Facebook Page. Stay tuned for the Platinum Photoshoot release this Friday, January 12th be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook as well!

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