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Revised Portfolio Site

For this assignment, I was tasked with revising my website for myself. I then must go over the changes in a review.


Looking at the changes to my website, I changed everything. The first thing I did was a rebrand. I went from being very cautious and neutral to professional and simple. This iteration of my site is much stronger because it has a much more stable design. It's easy to navigate and designed around that aspect. Moving forward, I'm using this site to start freelancing much more. Now that I feel like it's professional and clean, I have much more faith in presenting it to everyone and putting it on a business card. My biggest three goals moving forward are to

1. Create more content to fill my portfolio.

2. Add more content to my blog.

3. Keep an eye on what is relevant in new design ideas and decide what is best for my own website.

Overall I am very happy with how the new website turned out. You can view the website from here.

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