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Personal Brand Logo & Business Card

For my portfolio class, I have been tasked with starting to brand myself and create things to help me further down the line in my professional life.


The first thing to do when creating your brand is to look at other brands. For this I looked at three different ones (from left to right): Ebose, a student who graduated MCBS, Daniel Spatzek, and Arturo Wibawa who are two larger known designers. For Ebose, her logo was just her name, a text based logo that boldly said her name. Daniel's is an almost gemoetric shape that is shaped like a D. Atruro uses just the letter a in a serif font. They all are very simple and interesting they all, due to their simplicity, they have a great contrasting with what their background is.

For my logo I wanted to make a logo that was very me. When I think of who I am, The first answer is basic, however, I needed to think deeper and come up with a real idea. So I started with my name. Dylan Hamilton is already taken by another graphic designer so I decided to use my middle initial. Next was time for a tag line. I wanted people to feel comfortable coming to me with any idea even if they had not worked out all the kinks. So I choose to have the tag line: We'll figure it out. I wanted calm colors that didn't scream in your face so I went with a blue and yellow.

Looking to my business card, felt that perhaps my brand needs more work and I should change the idea I want to stand for. While I work on rebranding myself I'm sticking with this color scheme and font and have decided to make my business card two sided. During this rebrand, I have thought of a new tagline and everything is in a work in progress as I scramble to make more decisions. Overall everything needs a lot of work and I'm looking forward to fixing it all.

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