Fictitious Project Revision

This assignment tasked me to revise the fictitious website I build a few weeks ago. Below are before and after screenshots of my three biggest changes to the website. You can view the now live website here.

1. The couple

So This change was one that I was arguing with my fellow classmates about because they felt that my original couple looked too professional. After some consideration I decided to pick a couple that looked more realistic but also fit my hip and trendy vibe that I was going for.

2. The Menu

The menu used to have no pictures. I decided that in order to use the full effect that looking at food can have, you had to have photos of food on the menu. I added 6 new photos to the menu which I think really help the menu look more appetizing.

3. Navigation Bar

So for my final big change, I tinkered with the navigation bar to make sure that it looked like links. In order to be more effective at communicating this, I brought them much closer together and added a divider in them as well.

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